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Taste Korean Street Food & Refreshing drink

Korean Corn dogs & Fruit Smoothies


Korean Corn dogs,  TTeok bokki and Fruit Smoothies

Best Korean Street Food

Must try it!

Korean Street Food

Experience the vibrant and flavorful world of Korean street food with our mouth-watering selection of snacks and treats, including crispy corn dogs, savory sausages, spicy rice cakes, hearty sundae, and indulgent croffles.

Fruit Smoothie & Speical Drink

Get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with our collection of fruit smoothie and yogurt smoothie recipes that are both healthy and delicious

Fresh Squeezed Juice

Quench your thirst and give your body a boost of vitamins and antioxidants with our selection of fresh squeezed juices, including zesty orange, tangy grapefruit, and seasonal pomegranate (when available)

Coffee & Ice Cream

Enjoy a range of classic coffee drinks and indulgent ice cream desserts, including the famous Dole Whip Float and Off Road with brownie cubes and caramel drizzle

Fruits and Smoothies
Delicious dishes with a side of sustainability

Our passion for great food is matched only by our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that every bite you take is both delicious and conscientious

Our Menus

Delicious and Authentic Snacks

Photo Korean Corn dogs

Korean Corn Dog

Indulge in the crispy and savory goodness of Korean Corn Dog, a popular street food that features a hotdog or sausage coated in a layer of cornmeal batter and deep-fried to a golden brown. With a variety of fillings and toppings to choose from, our Korean Corn Dog is sure to satisfy your cravings for a tasty and satisfying snack

Korean Corndogs
a lot of Fruit

Fruit Smoothies

we use the freshest fruits only that are perfectly ripe for our smoothies and juice.


Croffle(Crossant waffle)

Croffles are a cross between a croissant and a waffle. This delicious breakfast dish. it has become widely popular across the globe, especially in Korea, where it is one of the best-loved sweet street foods.


Delightful Dining - Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

“I love love love this place.”

I feel like this is probably one of the better Korean hot dog places I've been to, especially since they sell a variety of other snacks, such as rice cakes and they're all super delicious.

We ordered the cheddar cheese hot dog and the sausage and rice cake. Both were super delicious! The sauce for the sausage and rice cake was super good, The hot dog was also super crispy the cheese just falls in your mouth.

They have a variety of other snacks too. They have smoothies, rice cakes, and some other stuff. I'm sure they're all really good

Overall, I highly recommend!!!

Cassidy F.

“They have a pretty impressive menu of juices”

They have a pretty impressive menu of juices, coffee, and snacks, and even have dole whip and dole floats! One thing you'll notice inside is their refrigerator in the back with lots of fresh fruit waiting to go into their drinks.

We ordered the dole whip and I got one of the fried mozzarella on a stick. They also had a hotdog version and a half mozzarella half hotdog option. Both were delicious, the dole whip tasted like eating a smooth, creamy fresh frozen pineapple as it should be. The mozzarella on a stick is like eating a big mozzarella stick, but instead of breading, it's basically pieces of perfectly fried French fries surrounding the melty cheese. How can that not be good!?

Eric Y.

"I am now officially addicted."

I've seen a lot of restaurants that offer rice hot dogs, but never really felt curious enough to give them a try. After trying one at 88 Hotdog & Juicy though, I am now officially addicted.

We ordered the Potato Rice Hotdog, Cheesy Half & Half Hotdog, Sausage, and Rice Cake, and Snow Tteok Bokki. In addition for beverages, we had watermelon juice.

First of all, when they ask if you want to coat your hotdogs in sugar, say yes even though it sounds like a strange idea. This decision is arguably what made us completely fall in love with the hotdogs. The Potato Hotdog was our favorite. It is essentially a hotdog wrapped in a french-fry coating. A close second was the Sausage and Rice Cake skewers, which were very flavorful and served well as a side. The Cheesy Half & Half was delicious, and the cheese-filled half had the perfect cheese-pull. Lastly, we enjoyed the Snow Tteok Bokki, which was a change-of-pace versus the other items. The flavor is a bit spicy, but very addicting.

The watermelon juice was very refreshing, and was the perfect beverage to enjoy to top off the meal.

Isabel C.

Tteok-bokki, Smoothie, So dduck so dduck and Korean Corn dogs
Sundae, So dduck so dduck, Korean Corn dog
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